Pronunciation GuideThe pronunciation of Japanese words is very simple, in that any word in the language is made up of one or more short syllabic sounds called &quotThe Fifty Sounds”, or &quotGo Ju no On&quot.

The vowels are pronounced as follows:

A  ” ah”   as the a in father.
E   “eh”   as the e in education or edge.
I   “ee”   as the i in machine.
O   “oh”   as the o in old.
U   “oo”   as the u in Lulu.

The consonants, hard sounds, are pronounced as they would naturally be read.

Glossary Of Terms

AGE – rising
AI – harmony
AIKI KAI AIKIDO – Japanese Aikido style
AI KI DO – the way of spirit harmony
AIKIDO – Oriental art of self defense emphasizing throwing and joint twisting techniques
AIKIDOGI – Aikido uniform
AIKIDOKA – Aikido student, practitioner
AKA – red (color)
AMERICAN SELF PROTECTION – Americanized self defense style
AO – blue (color)
ASHI – foot or leg
ATEMI – strike
ATEMI WAZA – striking techniques
BARAI – sweep
BOJITSU – Japanese stick fighting style
BU – Military science or &quotMilitary Way”
BU DO – the way of military science
BUSHIDO – Warriors’ code: &quotWay of the Warrior”
CHAIRO – brown (color)
CHUDAN – middle
CHUDAN UKE – outside middle block, middle block/defense
DACHI WAZA – stance techniques
DACHI WAZA KATA – stance changing routine
DAIGO – fifth
DAIICHI – first
DAINI – second
DAISAN – third
DAIYON – fourth
DAN – A YUDANSHA, one with grade (degree)
DO – &quotThe Way”, &quotWay of”
DOJO – exercise hall, traning center
GAESHI – counter
GEDAN – low
GEDAN BARAI UKE – low sweeping block
GERI – kick
GERI WAZA – kicking techniques
GI – uniform
GODAN – 5th grade (degree) Black Belt
GOJU SHOREI KARATE – Japanese Karate style
GOKYU – 5th rank
GUNG FU KARATE – Chinese Karate style
HACHIDAN – 8th grade (degree) Black Belt
HACHIKYU – 8th rank
HAKAMA – Skirt-like pants worn in Aikido systems which do not perform kicking techniques
HAKARYU JUJITSU – Japanese Jujitsu style
HAPKIDO – Korean Karate/Aikido style
HIDARI – left (direction)
HISAMORI JUJITSU – Japanese Jujitsu system
HO – exercise
HOMBU – Aikido headquarters in Tokyo, Japan
IKKYU – 1st rank
IRO – color
JAPAN KARATE – Japanese Karate style
JIME – press, squeeze, to tighten, choke, strangle
JODAN – high
JODAN AGE UKE – high rising block
JUDAN – 10th grade (degree) Black Belt
JU DO – &quotThe gentle way”
JUDO – Oriental martial art system which emphasizes throwing and grappling techniques
JUDOGI – Judo uniform
JUDOKA – Judo student, practitioner
JUJI – cross
JUJI UKE – cross block
JU JITSU – &quotThe gentle art”
JUJITSU – Martial art system which places major emphasis on joint twisting techniques and application of pressure to sensitive nerve centers.
KAITEN – rotation, revolution, circular
KAITEN KOHO UKEMI – circular backward breakfall
KAITEN ZEMPO UKEMI – circular forward breakfall
KANO JUJITSU – Japanese Jujitsu style
KANO, JIGORO – Father of Judo
KARA TE – &quotempty hand”
KARATE – Martial art system which places major emphasis on stances, punches, kicks, and blocks
KARATEGI – Karate uniform
KARATEKA – Karate student, practitioner
KEMPO KARATE – Hawaiian Karate style
KENDO – Japanese fencing style
KI – &quotspirit”
KIBA DACHI – straddle leg stance
KIIRO – yellow (color)
KITO JUJITSU – Japanese Jujitsu system
KO SHIKI REI – informal bowing
KODOKAN – Judo headquarters in Tokyo, Japan
KOHO – back, to the back, rearward
KOHO UKEMI – backward breakfall
KOTE – forearm
KOTE GAESHI HO – wrist out-turn exercise
KOTE JIME HO – wrist press exercise
KOTE MAWASHI HO – wrist in-turn exercise
KUDAN – 9th grade (degree) Black Belt
KUKYU – 9th rank
KUNG FU KARATE – Chinese Karate style
KURO – black (color)
KUYUDO – Japanese Archery style
KYOSUKE – attention (command)
KYU – a MUDANSHA, one withour grade (rank)
MAE – forward, in front of, before
MAE GERI – front kick
MAWASHI GERI – roundhouse kick
MIDORI – green (color)
MIGI – right (direction)
MIKAN – orange (color)
MUDANSHA – non-Black Belt, undergraduate, one without grade
MURASAKI – purple (color)
NEKO – cat
NEKO ASHI DACHI – cat stance
NIDAN – 2nd grade (degree) Black Belt
NIKYU – 2nd rank
OBI – uniform belt
REI – bow
REI WAZA – bowing techniques
RITSUREI – standing bow
ROKUDAN – 6th grade (degree) Black Belt
ROKYU – 6th rank
RYU – system
SANDAN – 3rd grade (degree) Black Belt
SANKYU – 3rd rank
SAVATE – French foot fighting
SEIKEN – normal fist, forefist
SEIKEN UCHI – forefist strike
SENSEI – Black Belt instructor (teacher)
SHICHIDAN – 7th grade (degree) Black Belt
SHICHIKYU – 7th rank
SHIKI REI – formal bowing
SHINKAN RYU JUJITSU – Japanese Jujitsu style
SHIRO – white (color)
SHODAN – 1st grade (degree) Black Belt
SHOREI GOJU KARATE – Japanese Karate style
SHORIN RYU KARATE – Japanese Karate style
SHOTEI – palm of hand
SHOTEI UCHI – palm heel strike
SHUTO – edge of hand, knife hand
SHUTO UCHI – knife hand strike
SOKUHO – side, to the side, sideward
SOKUHO UKEMI – side breakfall
SOSUISHI-RYU – Japanese Jujitsu system
SOTO – outer, outside, external
SOTO UKE – forearm block
TAE KWON DO KARATE – Korean Karate style
TAIJUTSU – physical culture
TEKUBI HO – wrist exercise
TENJIN-SHINYO-RYU – Japanese Jujitsu system
TOMEKI AIKIDO – Japanese aikido style
TORI – &quottaker”, person who defeats UKI
UKE – block
UKE WAZA – blocking technique
UKEMI – breakfall, falling
UKEMI WAZA – breakfall techniques
UKI – &quotreciever”, person who is defeated by TORI
UWAGI – uniform jacket
UYESHIBA AIKIDO – Japanese Aikido style
UTESHIBA, MOREHEI – Father of Aikido
WAZA – technique
YODAN – 4th grade (degree) Black Belt
YOKO – side, to the side, sideward
YOKO GERI – side kick
YONKYU – 4th rank
YOSHINKAI AIKIDO – Japanese Aikido style
YUDANSHA – Black Belt holder, graduate, one with grade (degree/rank)
ZAREI – kneeling bow
ZEMPO – front, to the front, forward
ZEMPO UKEMI – forward breakfall
ZEN KUTSU DACHI – forward leaning stance
ZUBON – uniform trousers
ZUKI – punch

Counting In Japanese

1 – ichi (each-e)
2 – ni (knee)
3 – san (sahn)
4 – shi (she)
5 – go (go)
6 – roku (rok-q)
7 – shichi (she-she)
8 – hachi (ha-she)
9 – ku (koo)
10 – ju (joo)