Forward Leaning Stance

A White Belt 1st Stripe skill

Stance Techniques
(Dachi Waza)



Left Forward Leaning Stance
(Hidari Zen Kutsu Dachi)

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Cat_Stance_far  Forward_Leaning_Stance_far  Forward_Leaning_Stance_near 
(Fig. 1)                                    (Fig. 2)                                    (Fig. 3)

Beginning in the LEFT (Hidari) CAT STANCE (Neko Ashi Dachi) (Fig. 1)

With the RIGHT foot flat on the floor – Move the LEFT foot diagonally forward to a distance slightly greater than the width of the shoulders (Fig. 2), both feet flat on the floor, toes of both feet pointing straight ahead – LEFT knee bent forward above the toes of the LEFT foot and RIGHT knee straight but not stiff – back straight – shoulders square to the front – eyes looking straight ahead.

          NOTE 1: Approximately 60% of your weight on the front foot and 40% on the back foot.
          NOTE 2: Maintain a relatively low stance posture.

LEFT hand, fist clenched approximately 6 to 8 inches in front of the groin area, palm toward you (Fig. 3).

RIGHT hand, in punch-ready position, fist clenched at your hip, palm up – elbow pointing straight backward.


Repeat the procedure for the RIGHT Forward Leaning Stance (Migi Zen Kutsu Dachi) using the opposite hand or foot designated in BOLD letters.