Straddle Leg Stance

A White Belt 1st Stripe skill

Stance Techniques
(Dachi Waza)



Straddle Leg Stance
(Kiba Dachi)

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Attention  Straddle_Leg_Stance_1  Straddle_Leg_Stance   
(Fig. 1)                                     (Fig. 2)                                   (Fig. 3)     

Beginning in the ATTENTION POSITION (Fig. 1)

Move the LEFT foot directly to the left to a distance approximately twice the width of the shoulders (Fig. 2), both feet flat on the floor, toes of both feet pointing straight ahead – knees bent and bowed outward in opposite directions – back straight – shoulders square to the front – eyes looking straight ahead.

          NOTE 1: 50% of your weight on each foot.
          NOTE 2: Maintain a relatively low stance posture.

Both hands (Fig. 3), fists clenched at your hips, palms up – elbows pointing straight backward.



Strive to maintain relatively low stance postures so as to develop muscle endurance while also striving to retain the principles of stability coupled with the potential for mobility.