Wrist Press Exercise

A White Belt 1st Stripe skill

Wrist Exercises
(Tekubi Ho)



Right Wrist Press
(Migi Kote Jime Ho)

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Wrist exercises are performed in the Formal Sitting Position
Wrist_Press_1 Wrist_Press_2 Wrist_Press_3 
(Fig. 1)                                  (Fig. 2)                                  (Fig. 3)

Place the RIGHT hand directly in front of you (Fig. 1) wrist bent, palm down, fingers extended toward your LEFT — elbow close to your body.

— then —

Without moving your RIGHT hand — Reach your LEFT hand forward over the top of your RIGHT hand (Fig. 2), place the finger tips of your RIGHT hand and the thumb of your RIGHT hand in the palm of your LEFT hand (Fig. 3).

Wrist_Press_4 Wrist_Press_5 Wrist_Press_6 
   (Fig. 4)                                     (Fig. 5)                                  (Fig. 6)          

Relax and place your hands in the ready position (Fig. 4), palms downward in the center of your chest.

— then —

Apply pressure by pressing the RIGHT hand downward with the palm of the LEFT hand, continue to keep the RIGHT elbow pointing downward (Fig. 5).

          NOTE: Apply only the amount of pressure you find tolerable.
                     Increase the pressure at your discretion but DO 
                     increase pressure to build greater tolerance.

Continue to apply additional pressure while slowly pressing the RIGHT palm toward the RIGHT wrist (Fig. 6). Relax and return to the ready position (Fig. 4)

Repeat the procedure going from (Fig. 4) to (Fig. 6) at least 10 repetitions.


          NOTE: Upon completion of all repetitions for the RIGHT hand, return
                     to the Formal Sitting position with fists clenched on your thighs.
                                                              — then —
                     Repeat the entire procedure for the LEFT Wrist Out-turn Exercise
                     (Hidari Kote Jime Ho) using the opposite hand designated in BOLD letters.